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装置艺术,是"场地+材料+情感"的综合展示艺术。我们把整个作品看作一个艺术装置,空间是场地,产品是我们的材料,而“圆”是我们情感表达的一个窗口。Installation art is a comprehensive exhibition art of "venue + material + emotion". We regard the whole work as an art installation, the space is the site, the product is our material, and the "circle" is a window for our emotional expression.

古代人最早是从太阳、阴历十五的月亮得到圆的概念。圆,是十分奇妙的形状。世界是圆的,小到星球,大到太阳系、银河系,甚至是我们未能一窥全貌的宇宙,虽难以论证,但许多科学家都提出了宇宙是圆的理论。时间是圆的,秒针、分针、时针走过的路径是圆的,日夜更替、四季变换也正是圆的概念。生态循环是圆,能量守恒也是圆,机械运转也离不开圆。圆在人的精神领域更是不可或缺,人们追求圆满的生活,圆满的人生,做事上追求回归初心,处世也讲求圆滑,可以说圆是代表世间一切的美好与完美的形状。所以说不管在物质领域还是精神领域,没有圆是无法运转的。设计师正是用圆来传达物质和精神双领域的运转。The ancients get the concept of circle from the sun, the moon of lunar calendar 15th. A circle is a very wonderful shape. The world is round, from the stars to the solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, and even the universe which we do not have a full view of. Although it is difficult to prove, many scientists have put forward the theory that the universe is round. Time is round. The path taken by the second hand, minute hand and hour hand is round. The alternations of day and night and the seasons are also the concept of a circle. Ecological cycle is a circle, energy conservation is also a circle, mechanical operation is inseparable from the circle. Circle is more indispensable in the spiritual realm of human beings. People pursue a perfect life, return to the original intention in doing things, and strive for smoothness in dealing with the world. It can be said that circle represents all the beautiful and perfect shapes in the world. So in both the physical and the spiritual spheres, it can't run without a circle. The designer uses the circle to convey the movement of both the material and the spiritual realms.

住宅发展到第三代变成了封闭式“囚笼”,没有了几千年来中国人传统的前庭后院,老人和儿童过着封闭式的生活。因此设计师从自然生态里提炼出元素:倒挂的荷叶,沙漠纹地砖,最能传神山水概念的水墨画屏风门,水波纹饰面,能同时表达山川与低谷两种概念的等高线纹饰面,玄关处那个悬空的代表着“运转轨迹”的圆等等。这些元素和第四代“生态住宅”更配,但也给目前的第三代住宅带来了更多的“生态”概念元素。设计师正是想通过这些元素将来自于大自然的奇妙魅力传递给更多的目前住在第三代住宅里的同胞们,让同胞们在封闭式住宅里也能感受到来自大自然的治愈。Third generation residence developed into a closed "cage", without the traditional front and backyard of Chinese people for thousands of years. The elderly and children live a closed life. Therefore, the designer extracted elements from the   natural ecology: inverted lotus leaf, desert floor tile, ink painting screen door that can most convey the concept of landscape, water wave decorative surface, contour decorative surface that can simultaneously express the two concepts of mountains and valleys, the hanging circle in the porch that represents the "running track" and so on. These elements are more compatible with the fourth generation of "ecological housing", but also bring more "ecological" concept elements to the current third generation of housing. It is through these elements that the designer wants to convey the magic charm from nature to more compatriots living in the third generation residence, so that compatriots can feel the healing from nature in the closed house.

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Guangzhou, China | 中国广州

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Li Zhongguang | 李忠光

Cooperative Design | 协作设计


Interior Design | 室内设计


Soft Decoration | 软装设计


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Panpan | 付盼盼

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