2018-07-01 行业资讯


Name | 作品名称:

Hometown Impression | 后山∙云

Location | 项目地点:

Guangzhou, China | 中国广州

Area |建筑面积:

320 Square Meters | 320㎡

Design Date | 设计时间:

Feb. 2018 | 2018年2月

Date of Completion | 完工时间:

May 2018 | 2018年5月

Interior Design | 主案设计:

Zhongguang Li 李忠光 | CHD启呈装饰

Writer | 项目撰文:

Panpan | 盼盼

Photographer | 摄影师:

Huangmian Gui | 黄缅贵


The designer should not only consider from the commercial functions required by the owner, but also from the experience of consumers, and create a reasonable and pleasant space with professional methods. 

作品主题为:后山∙云 设计师把对故乡最深刻的印象--葱翠后山和悠悠白云搬到这繁华都市。

The theme of the work is Hometown Impression. The designer has moved the most profound impression of his hometown -- lush backyard-hills and white leisure clouds to this prosperous city. 


It is hoped that this artistic conception can create a sense of security and belonging for the consumers. Meanwhile, it expresses the attitude of life:  be a piece of cloud, comfortable with the wind and be like a mountain, calm and steady.




The designer mainly focuses on the brief postmodern style and pays attention to the smooth design of lines, which makes the work concise and fashionable.


The material is fitted to the furniture used in the household customization. It is mainly decorated with stone,wood and iron, or with cabinets that make of these materials. It not only satisfies the display of material, household function, but also plays a decorative role.


In particular, the soft color, prefect texture and natural lines of these materials are naturally integrated into the design, exhibiting a brief, fresh and original aesthetics, which representing nature. 


Not too much decoration, stripped a luxuriant outlook, brief but impressive.




On the basis of the most primitive industrial style, ceiling decorated by white hollow-out grids which stand for "conceptual cloud", and it also used to expand the visual horizon.


The impression of the cloud is polytropic, such as the changeable times, and it also fits into the concept of household customization: emphasizing individualization and private customization, and getting rid of being labeled or defined. 


The most magical part is that everyone have different 

perceptions toward "conceptual cloud", some people thinks it's an industrial district, some people thinks it's an abstract internet world, and some people think it's an upside down prosperous city...





Multiple slice and divide a space area.


"Liquidity" is a big topic which must be conquered. It is easily become crowded for satisfy the exhibition of various functions in small space, while it easily makes people feel puzzled, and hard to find the direction in large space. 


The case set up independent negotiation area, front desk conjunct with water bar, cloakroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, wine cabinet office area and so on. 

设计师运用对空间区域进行合理地切片划分的手法 ,在满足展示的功能基础上,同时还满足了整体空间流畅性和舒适性。

The designer makes an intelligent use of  the division of space area, in order to satisfy the function of exhibition, meanwhile makes the space fluent and comfortable.



Keep the balance of the space through color assortment.


In order to coordinate the whole space, create a comfortable living atmosphere. The designer works hard in space processing and color matching.


 Each space has a visual center, and the main role of each space is color. 


More neutral colors used for transition softly than only white, makes the work impressive and also provides a comfortable vision. Using black and white to create a private and safe space effect, and use a warm color as space-stable element to break its rigid, such as wooden furniture with a soft color or some trimming with neutral color.











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